All About Me

Hello and welcome to my food blog! I started this blog in April 2010 when I realized how much I talk about, dream about and love food! I am a lawyer by trade but a food lover by birth. I used to be really REALLY picky about what I eat, but these days I'll try most things at least once. On occasion, I'll detour from food to write about hotels, spas and concerts. I can't help it some things are just worth writing about and this is my only soapbox.

I try hard to update the blog as often as possible but my day job often keeps me too busy to blog. I love dining at restaurants but I'm also all about trying new recipes. The more I work the less time I have to cook so there might be a stretch of restaurant reviews but as soon as I get free time I'm back in the kitchen. I'm based in NYC but whenever I leave the city I try to sample as much of the local cuisine as possible so I can provide my readers with options - and mouthwatering images.

I hope you enjoy reading about my various dining experiences and are inspired to try something new. I work really hard to take crowd-pleasing pictures - much to the chagrin of my co-diners at times - so I ask that you please not use any images without my express written permission. If you're going to post content from my blog, I ask that you please link back to my site.

I love getting emails asking about where to eat or whether I have a recipe showcasing a particular ingredient. So if you have a yearning for a particular dish or dining experience, feel free to email and I'll happily give you my recommendations.

Hungry yet?