Monday, February 20, 2012

Nonna Restaurant

These last few weeks have consisted of a lot more delivery than I recall. I have barely turned on my stove which is disheartening. Thankfully I’ve had some time to meet up with a few friends here and there. On one such occasion, I met up with Ms. H at Nonna Restaurant in the UWS.  Before she became a Times Square resident she lived a more refined life on the UWS.  Nonna is dear to her because of the hearty Italian food.  I was open minded, especially after the kind of day I had at work.  We started with the Arancini.

Three huge balls of rice and cheese lightly coated and fried laying atop spicy tomato sauce.

They tasted magnificent and were even better when dipped in the sauce.  Ms. H ordered Lasagna Nonna.

This multi-layered beauty was filled with meatballs and sausage and topped with mozzarella cheese. It was quite a large portion and pretty reasonably priced.  I could not decide what to order so I decided to make my own pasta dish.

I selected Rigatoni, Shrimp and spicy tomato sauce. It was an excellent dish! The shrimp was incredibly fresh and the tomato sauce was perfect. It had chunks of tomato that added a great texture to the dish. The sauce was thick and stuck to the rigatoni perfectly. 

Although I could not finish my entrĂ©e, I was quite disappointed when I wasn’t offered any dessert. It was quite presumptuous for the waiter to not offer us the dessert menu.  Other than that oversight, the meal was fantastic.  The restaurant has a low-key vibe and is very laid back. I recommend heading there for a week night dinner of great food, large portions and moderate prices.  

Hungry yet?

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