Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jeanne and Gaston

So about a month ago I received an invitation to dine at a new French restaurant, Jeanne & Gaston. I was super psyched especially because I was able to bring MM with me. The restaurant is inviting with its French windows but the true  gem is out back. They have an outdoor space that was still being built, but will definitely be the site of many under the stars dining experiences this summer.   The inside of the restaurant boasts simple elegant decor. The exposed brick and ceiling tiles add character.

Our dining invitation allowed us to take advantage of the $40 Prix Fixe menu. This is probably the most  generous prix fixe ever.  We were allowed to order any appetizer, entree, and dessert that we wanted. Sweeeet!  We were greeted with a wonderful surprise in the chef's amuse bouche.

Bitter point oysters with sashimi! It was fan-effing-tastic! Seriously, I could have eaten that all night.

Thankfully there were several items on the menu that appealed to me. MM was kind enough to order items I wanted. The Tuna Tartare was fantastic!

Aside from the sushi grade tuna, it was made even more delicious because it was served with wasabi caviar which was the perfect complement.  The Escargot was also an amazing choice.

Not much to look at but truly was parsley heaven! I asked for more bread so I could truly enjoy every last drop.  It wasn't just the parsley either, the little snails were perfectly seasoned which just made for an even better dining experience.

Slimy yet satisfying! MM ordered the Salmon entree.

It definitely wasn't the most exciting menu item, but it was perfectly executed. The ginger and honey mustard emulsion added an unexpected flavor that wasn't decidedly French but still hit the spot. I ordered the Skate Wing special.

I always love ordering the fish special because it's bound to be the freshest item on the menu. This was no different, but unfortunately it suffered from being over salted. The potatoes and spinach were mild and helped neutralize the salt, but I would have liked to take a bite of the skate alone without tasting so much salt.

Of course I was stuffed after dinner but as usual I couldn't turn down dessert. We decided to try the Chocolate soufflé and the Creme brûlée.

The soufflé was fine, but probably would have been better in one of the other flavors that they had. I just wasn't that into it. The creme brûlée was also lacking.

The flavors were right but it likely wasn't chilled enough or there was a little more liquid than there should have been.  It was way too melty.

The food at Jeanne and Gaston definitely makes it a place worth going back to, but there are certain items I'm more willing to recommend than others. I had a chance to sample the Mac and Cheese and I put it high on the must try list!

Rich flavors, crispy bread crumb top, and not too cheesy. Definitely unexpected at a French restaurant but very well done.  As the weather slowly warms up, I recommend you check out Jeanne and Gaston and claim your space in front by the French windows or in the outdoor space.

Hungry yet?

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