Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ken & Cook

As I slowly try to revive my blog, I am updating with several meals I have eaten but not posted about.  Last fall, I received an invitation to attend dinner at Ken & Cook.  Since I don't dine in Nolita often, I was not familiar with the restaurant.  After reviewing the menu I happily accepted and couldn't wait for the day.  I hadn't seen Ms. O for the entire summer so she thankfully accepted my invite. We decided to start with the raw bar and orders the Plateau. 

What a site to behold. We quickly went to work on the clams, oysters, shrimp and lobster. Each item was fresh and easy to handle. We were quite pleased with the start of our meal.  I never thought I'd voluntarily order a salad, but since the point was to try different things, I ordered the Arugula.

It was a good looking salad with carrot, pecorino and orange.  The dressing was tangy but enhanced the flavor.  Ms. O allowed me to sample her Bibb salad.

Maybe it's because it's called Bibb but I loved the combination of ranch, tomato and crouton.  Unfortunately her entree was less delightful.

The Pappardelle was disappointing.  The pasta was well made but the veal tomato sauce was soupy and there was too much radicchio which led to a very strong and bitter taste. Thankfully my Fried Chicken was a success.  

The chicken was crispy and moist. The biscuits were warm with perfect cubes of butter and drizzled with honey. Why doesn't everyone order this? I would like a dozen biscuits to go, please!  It's not often I order fried chicken, but that was by far the best item on their menu.

When the desert menu arrived, I was excited but that quickly turned to disgust when it became clear there was no chocolate on the menu.  How rude!

Overall, Ken & Cook was a good experience with high points and low. My hope is they've perfected the Pappardelle and not changed a thing about the Chicken. I look forward to returning there soon. 

Hungry yet?

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