Wednesday, September 18, 2013

incognito italian bistro

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a press dinner at incognito Italian Bistro in Chelsea.  It's an open airy space and the weather was still nice enough to open the floor to ceiling windows.  they recently started featuring live jazz on Tuesday nights so that could make for a very enjoyable dining experience.

Although Incognito bills itself as an Italian bistro, the cuisine is actually a mix of Italian and Scottish. Not surprisingly, my palette was much more pleased with the Italian dishes. The best thing I ate was definitely the Rack of Baby Lamb.

It was perfectly cooked, juicy and well seasoned. The accompanying creamed potatoes were a helpful way to soak up the rosemary jus.  I knew it was good because it was the last item to arrive and I still devoured it. Usually by then I'm turning away food and only taking a couple of bites.  The pasta tasting was also a plus and I wish we had received a larger portion.

Lobster Ravioli with saffron butter and Risotto with lamb ragu.  The ravioli was creamy and light but lacked complexity.  The risotto was an interesting twist. I don't think I've ever had a dish quite like this.  I definitely recommend it.  I would also come back for the margharita pizza.

I had to resist going back in for a second slice since it was at the beginning of our meal.  The crust was crispy and the sauce was light enough so as to not make the pizza soggy.  I was not impressed with the Highland Haggis.

Perhaps it's because I'm not familiar with Scottish food, but it just seemed like an odd item for a summer menu.  The turnip tasted great but the lamb sausage was odd.  It was like a poorly constructed shepard's pie.  I would say the same about the Crepes.

Stuffing haddock, bechamel and leeks into a crepe just did not do it for me.  The varying textures were not well defined and it tasted more like a pile of white than any distinct item.  The fish was well cooked though and that was salvageable.

The meal certainly ended on a high note because the desserts were fantastic.  The chocolate torte was rich and the caramel sauce enhanced the depth of the chocolate flavor.

Incognito has the right vibe for a post work hang out or even an evening dinner.  Their menu offers a lot of diversity but has several staples that are bound to please.  I recommend Tuesday night because I'm sure the jazz will add to a pleasurable dining experience.

Hungry yet?

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