Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Remlik's Grille & Oyster Bar

Graduation season has come and gone, but back in May I was fortunate to celebrate as Y-squared graduated from college. The two-day ceremony was worth the trip and totally brightened my weekend. We celebrated by having a post ceremony meal at one of the area's newest restaurants, Remlik's. They had a special graduation menu so unfortunately some of the delicious treats I spotted on the full menu (Seafood Fra Diavolo and Jumbo Diver Scallops, I'm talking to you) were unavailable. We made do though and still had a great time. We started with a couple of appetizers for the table. The Calamari was quite impressive.

Crispy goodness, this was actually the first time I ate the tentacles! The aioli was also quite tasty which might have been why I dared eat the tentacles.  The breadbasket arrived with warm corn bread and delicious rolls. 

The Crab Cake was even better.

No filler in this bad boy, just big huge chunks of jumbo lump crab meat. Oh man it was so good and also had a tangy coleslaw on the side. Y-squared ordered it as his entree so that meant more for me as appetizer! 

After a longer wait than I anticipated, our entrees started arriving. It was a slow process and I think there was some miscommunication in the kitchen because of the amount of time that passed between the arrival of our dishes.  I ordered the Fish & Chips.

It wasn't exactly what I expected and I had to remind myself that the Fish & Chips I ate in London will not be properly recreated at a random restaurant here. The breading was off it just didn't taste very good. No seasoning! The fish was surprisingly fresh though so I just peeled the breading and enjoyed myself. The ¼ chicken with asparagus and baked potato was also a great dish.

Considering the way white meat often disappoints, I was glad this was juicy.  The asparagus was also quite good, but of course the baked potato was boring.  The Cheese Steak was popular at our table and must have been great because there were several empty plates.

The Classic Reuben was also a hit. It’s served with either Roasted Turkey or Lean Corned Beef on Marbled Rye bread. 

My aunt tore it up and barely came up for air. The Burger was apparently similarly appetizing because there was another empty plate. 

I was a big fan of the French fries and the Sweet potato fries too. Although I don't foresee any more trips to Binghamton, locals should go check this place out. Definitely a big step up from most of the other restaurants in the area!

 Hungry yet?

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