Sunday, July 29, 2012

Antoine's Restaurant New Orleans

During our tour the first day we were in New Orleans, we stopped at Antoine's Restaurant.  The restaurant has a rich history and is definitely worth reading about here.  The primary reason we decided to return for dinner is because they invented Oysters Rockefeller!!  It also helped that they're fancy - and you know how much I love fancy.  We sat in one of the many dining rooms and had two servers!  This time I think it's because they didn't want to forget us and it was a pretty busy night.

I reviewed the menu and knew I would be happy with whatever landed on our table.  I ordered the Escargots a la bourguignonne.  Surprisingly, one of our servers tried to convince me that I might not like it because it was "really traditional."  umm duh! Why do you think I ordered it?

The snails arrived as they should, covered in bourguignonne sauce. The mix of greens with butter and garlic was exactly what I hoped for!  Ms. O started with the Salad Antoine.

Five different greens and tomato. I think Muriel's looked better but Antoine is on to something with the five greens business.  Next up my Ecrevisses Cardinal arrived.

Crawfish tails in a white wine sauce with a hint of tomato. Yes, please!!  The crawfish tails were meaty and the sauce was perfect for dipping the delicious bread.  Ms. O's Gombo Creole was also quite good.

I was already feeling full so she had to convince me to take a spoonful of her gumbo, which was filled with blue crabs, oysters and gulf shrimp. One taste was all it took for me to go back for another and that time I got some rice too. Yum!  Even though at this point my stomach had expanded to close to maximum capacity, there was no way we were leaving without sampling the Oysters Rockefeller.

Five greens! You can guess what they are, but if you're right the waiter won't tell you.  Although there are a half dozen on the plate, some of these oysters were doubled up!  The greens were delicious and eating cooked oysters never tasted so good. After all that you would think we were finished. But a quick peek at the desert menu and we of course decided to indulge.

The Chocolate Mousse was just the right portion for sharing.  The rich chocolate was perfectly balanced with the whipped cream. I loved it!

Our experience at Antoine's was fantastic. We explored the restaurants numerous dining rooms after our meal. It's a beautiful space with lots of great history and definitely worth visiting. Eat at Antoine's! Your visit won't be complete without it!

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  1. Not to mention the awesome menu souvenir! Awesome dinner all around. Even (and perhaps, most especially) the "traditional" escargots!