Monday, July 16, 2012

Red Fish Grill - New Orleans

When we arrived in New Orleans, we had no definite plans for dinner the second night. We had heard of Red Fish Grill but were not sure if we should go. Once we arrived, we saw ads all over the place and knew we had to go.  We had a pretty packed day and had already eaten a lot but oysters had not yet made it onto any of the many plates we had emptied.  Before Red Fish Grill, we stopped at Felix's for some excellent oysters. A great appetizer.

When we arrived at Red Fish we had a short wait which allowed us to explore and see the numerous articles on the wall as well as all the images of fish. The restaurant was a big open space with high ceilings and lots of tables packed in there. It definitely did not have the same classy feel as Muriel's, but hey what can you expect from a restaurant on Bourbon street. Thankfully the food was better than the decor. Ms. O skipped the salad and ordered the Tomato and Crab soup.

Oh what I wouldn't do to have another spoonful of that soup.  Spicy and sweet with chunks of crab.  The tomatoes were fresh and unlike some tomato soups I've had in the past, this didn't taste like marinara.  Ms. O also ordered the green onion shrimp toast with sweet soy sauce and chili garlic aioli.

Maybe it's because we were already satiated from eating the oysters, but the toast just didn't do it for me.  Thankfully my pan seared snapper arrived.

I was definitely loving the presentation.  The fish was surrounded by incredible spicy tomato sauce and duck fat new potatoes, topped with a dollop of lemon garlic aioli and sprinkled with crispy spinach.

Each bite was fantastic. The best part was definitely the spicy tomato sauce. It had a sweetness and spice that enhanced the flavor of the fish.

I was generally pleased with Red Fish Grill. The red snapper was the right choice. If I could just figure out a way to get an unlimited supply of the tomato and crab soup then all would be well.

Red Fish is worth your time, but I recommend going with an emptier stomach so you can fully enjoy the many items they have to offer.

Hungry yet?

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