Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Africa Kine

My exploration of the uptown restaurant scene continues. A few weeks ago I went to dinner at Africa Kine.   This was my first time going to this restaurant even though it's about a 5-minute walk from my apartment.  The Senegalese restaurant is famous for its fish special so of course we both ordered it.  Definitely lived up to the hype.

One whole grilled tilapia that was coated in an incredibly aromatic sauce. The grilled onions and peppers were cold which was disappointing but they were delicious. The white rice was the perfect accompaniment because it balanced the heavy flavors of the fish.  The boiled eggs were random but no complaints from me since they weren't runny.

The meal was delicious and actually more food than one person needs so I was happy to eat it as leftovers a day or so later. The biggest drawback was the service, but if you can focus on the food (or just get take out) you'll know it was worth your time. I'm not sure if there's anything else that I would try there but I am certainly interested in the variety of dishes and the different aromas that were floating throughout the restaurant.

Hungry yet?

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