Monday, April 4, 2011

Harry's Italian

After a super long and extremely stressful week, there was nothing I wanted more than to eat good food while hanging with great friends.  Obvs that meant making my way downtown to see Ms. O and Mr. M. After the random wintry mix that we experienced that day, I voted for ordering in and loungin around inside. I was in the mood for Italian so when they suggested Harry's Italian, my face lit up.  After reviewing the menu we made some excellent decisions and in no time Mr. M went to pick up our meal.  I must say I'm impressed with their packaging because it makes take out photogenic. We started with the Calamari.

Very well seasoned - not greasy and accompanied with a slightly tangy marinara sauce that blended perfectly.  My mouth couldn't help but water when I saw the pizza.

I know we ordered onion pizza but I guess I didn't think they would be red onions.  They just looked. so. good! I inhaled a slice of pizza so I could make room for our pastas.  The Shrimp and Asparagus with Bowtie was an excellent choice by Ms. O.

If there's shrimp involved I'm almost always happy :) The sauce was a little thin here but it was big on flavor.  The Penne alla Vodka was incredible.

We had them de-prosciutto-fy it first but it was still really good.  Almost as good as Ms. O's. I was quite happy with our decision to stay in and indulge in some treats from Harry's. Eventually they also introduced me to Archer and now I can't wait to finish watching the first season!

Hungry yet?

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  1. "Oh put it back in the deck"

    Wait...what does that mean?? Apparently food makes me a little slow on the uptake. :-)


  2. @mso hehe happens to the best of us.

    @wildfiyah ready when you are!

  3. wow! looks delicious.

    I have always loved dining in an italian restaurant. I love pizza and pasta and i find them to be the best comfort food. thanks for sharing.