Sunday, May 22, 2011


While I was living at the aloft, I spent a lot of time dining on Fred Doug Blvd. So many eateries! I'm telling you Harlem is a wonderful place to live. A few weeks ago, I was convinced to go to dinner at Zoma, a delightful Ethiopian restaurant at 113th street. The restaurant has a modern feel and the decorations provide a nice contrast to the starkly white walls.

We were pretty quick to order and thankfully they were quick to deliver.

Our two sides of Shiro Wett (chickpeas, lentils and peas roasted and cooked in berbere sauce) and Gomen (collard greens simmered in vegetable broth with onions, garlic and ginger). They were served on a bed of injera, a sourdough crepe that is used to eat the rest of the meal. I must say part of why my first few experiences with Ethiopian food didn't quite work out is because the injera wasn't that great. But at Zoma, it's spectacular!  Our main dish, Doro Wett soon arrived.

The bubbling bowl of chicken and boiled egg cooked with onions, ginger, berbere and spices was emptied onto our injera. We tore! it! up!

The meal was fantastic! Every item tasted incredible! The Shiro Wett was especially impressive because I definitely was not expecting anything that tasty. I'm usually not a fan of anything pureed, but this was very flavorful. The Doro Wett was also wonderful. The chicken was tender and the boiled egg was a welcome protein boost. The Gomen was a new dish for me and I really look forward to trying it again!

Despite my reluctance to go to dinner, Zoma was totally worth it! If you haven't been, you should definitely make the trip!

Hungry yet?

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