Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Surprise surprise, Z and I headed out to brunch yet again.  This was definitely our least successful effort to date so we will have to make it up pretty soon.  On a really sunny but still chilly day, we took a walk down Ninth Avenue expecting to land somewhere new and delicious. Surprisingly nothing looked good so we ended up at Marseille. The menu looked a lot better while we were standing out in the cold than when we sat in the restaurant.  Although I typically don’t go into this, I will start by talking about the less than service at Marseille. That’s right, I said less than. We walked in and there were a few empty two tops and they asked us if we had a reservation then told us there would be a 30-minute wait.  Since we were exhausted from walking around we reluctantly agreed to wait around.  Unfortunately, the food was not worth the wait.

When they finally sat us, we were happy to eat another bread basket.

Possibly the best part.  I only tried the pumpkin muffins. They had little raisins in them – a pleasant surprise.  Z’s Goat Cheese Tarte arrived and looked good but kind of small.

She enjoyed it but definitely didn’t think it was worth the hype.  I felt the same way about my Moroccan Omelette.

I was so excited about the combination of tomatoes, peppers, olives, spicy harissa & feta cheese, but in the end it was disappointing.  I could barely taste the harissa, the ingredients were concentrated in the middle of the omelette so the ends were rather plain.  The potatoes were nothing to write home about and the salad was overwhelming. It felt like I had an untendered garden on my plate.  It wasn’t all-bad though because we ordered a side of fries that were actually quite good.

Overall Marseille was fine. The food wasn’t particularly good but it wasn’t bad either. The service could certainly improve. I was unimpressed and can’t imagine the circumstances that would lead me to go there again.

Hungry yet?

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