Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hudson Hall

A while back I bought the Gilt City offer for a deal at Hudson Hall. Now that Ms. R works so close, it was easy for us to get together and walk over to the Hudson Hotel. When we walked in to the cafeteria I was immediately captivated by the film being projected on the walls. We were escorted to a table with benches and a throne like chair.

After we sat down we were told to help ourselves. Just like in high school, we grabbed our trays and made our way down the line.  We definitely made great selections. We started with the Tuna Tartare. (Like a rookie I forgot to charge my camera, but thankfully Ms. R came to the rescue!)

It was so bright we couldn't help but select it. The tuna was definitely sushi grade and tasted fantastic.  The Flat Bread Pizza was equally amazing.

The serving was really small though so I was left wanting more. Thankfully the Thyme Roasted Chicken came to the rescue.

The chicken was incredibly juicy and the seasoning was perfect. My favorite dish was the Roasted Corn.

It was very fresh and cooked with mushrooms and jalapeño. The jalapeño added a spicy bite that I wasn't expecting but definitely welcomed.  I look forward to replicating this dish in my kitchen.

Hudson Hall has an interesting atmosphere that is great if you're looking for a unique dining experience. It has so many options that dining there can be great for those with a desire for many different flavors. My biggest qualm is the hit or miss possibility of cafeteria style dining, but some dining risks are worth taking!

Hungry yet?

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