Monday, September 5, 2011

Larsen's Fish Market

On our last day in MV we ventured to the other side of the island for the beautiful beach in Menemsha. The bus ride was long but totally worth it. The sun was intense and I loved it. We chose Menemsha for the beach but also because of the cooked to order seafood at Larsen's Fish Market a few steps from the beach.

After soaking up the rays for a bit, we decided to head over to Larsen's. Z decided on a Lobster Roll.

It was premade but still so good! I ordered a crab cake to start.

It had a little more filing than crab so I didn't love it. Which is why I was really glad I also ordered a lobster!

The poor guy didn't know what was coming. Just a few minutes later I was having him for lunch.

I love lobster. It is so easy to prepare and so flavorful with such little effort. It's really quite amazing. I took my lobster to the beach and enjoyed him while watching the water. Pretty much a perfect lunch. Larsen's is worth the hike because the beach is beautiful and few things feel as great as eating lobster on the beach.

Hungry yet?

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