Monday, November 14, 2011

44 and X

I haven’t seen Z since our delicious trip to MV. Since too much time had passed by, we met for dinner at 44 and X.  They are mixing Roman numerals with Arabic numerals so that X is read tenth, in case you don’t know where they’re located. I was skeptical about the restaurant because the menu looked overpriced for no reason. I hadn’t heard anything about the restaurant that made me think it would be worth the money. Nevertheless, I acquiesced to Z’s request.  The space is very nicely decorated – clean, open and inviting.  Z ordered the Filet Mignon.

It is topped with tart tomato jam in a port wine jus with a side of potatoes au gratin.  Z opted for the Vermont Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese instead of the potatoes.

I chose the Crispy Sea Bass.

It was served on a bed of chanterelle mushrooms, braised asparagus, artichokes, and saffron mussel broth. I was confused by the words “saffron mussel broth” because it didn’t say there would be mussels. I asked our server and remarkably he was just as confused. Thankfully there were a couple of mussels in there.  The sea bass was indeed crispy and tasted really good, but it still wasn’t worth the money.  The dessert was underwhelming.

A Peanut Butter Mousse Tart that looked so good.  It was covered in caramel sauce and served with vanilla, chocolate, and malted milk ball ice creams.  The peanut butter was overwhelming.  They should have made the mousse tart out of something else. That much peanut butter is way too much.

44 and X is underwhelming. The restaurant is tastefully decorated and very inviting. The menu is diverse and offers many options, yet it is a much higher price point than is necessary. There are other restaurants that will offer much more for less money.

Hungry yet?

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