Friday, November 4, 2011

Amber - Upper West Side

The UWS is filled with pan-Asian restaurants serving an assortment of cuisines. Amber is one such restaurant but on this particular night, MM and I really went there for the sushi.  Although I’m not really a leaf eater, the salad was very tasty – and it wasn’t just the ginger dressing.

My appetizer was a very welcome dish.  Wasabi shumai!

OMG spice and shrimp in one dish. I’m sure I’ve been happier but this was definitely a very happy moment.  The shrimp was piping hot. The wasabi in the first bite I took went straight up my nostrils…and I loved it! Our entrĂ©e of two rolls was pretty impressive.

The Angry Lobster was my favorite!

Lobster tempura, lettuce, avocado, cucumber & spicy lobster sauce. The crunchy tempura lobster was a great contrast to the avocado. We also ordered the Triple toro.

A roll filled with tuna toro, salmon toro & yellowtail toro on top, spicy crunchy avocado and cucumber inside. This was an excellent meal for so many reasons, MM being only one of them. On that rainy night, Amber was the perfect place to be.  Their menu may not be the best but it is filled with lots of goodies.  The wasabi shumai alone is worth the trip!

Hungry yet?

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