Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 & Diamond

After repeatedly stating that we would brunch, S-dot and I finally got together.  I heart my neighborhood and all the new restaurants.  We decided that brunch at 5 & Diamond was the way to go.  The restaurant is kinda tiny and only seats about 30 people.  They have a bar area that seats an additional 5 – 7 people.  On the rainy but warm day, I walked over there pretty quickly so I was early.  I spent time looking over the menu and couldn’t wait to order.

We decided to share (I know! Me…sharing!) The Pancakes, eggs, scrambled eggs and chicken sausage were served with a side salad.

The pancakes were pretty good. I’m still convinced that my pancakes are better than most restaurant pancakes.   Everything else on the plate was pretty average.  The most spectacular part of it is that they served all those items together. It’s surprisingly difficult to get pancakes and eggs together at brunch.  The Fried Chicken dish was pretty good.

The chicken was a little dry, but well seasoned.  It was also served with a ridiculously rich mac and cheese.  

The biscuit brought everything together nicely.  

There are other reasons to go to brunch at 5 & Diamond, but I’ll let you go there to figure it out yourself ;-)

I’m hoping to try out the dinner there at some point. The menu definitely holds promise.

Hungry yet?

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