Sunday, August 8, 2010

Alias Restaurant - LES

We decided to go out for dinner last night at another BlackBoard Eats partner restaurant.  Alias is an interesting restaurant in the Lower East Side.  I still can't really put my finger on the type of cuisine.  I'll just say they have enough items that really anyone should be able to find something to eat.

We started off with appetizers.  Fried Calamari for him, Panko Crusted Crab Cake for me!

The calamari was flaky so the batter didn't really stay on the pieces.  The cocktail sauce was great! The crab cake was slamming!  It was served on a bed of tartar sauce and topped with parsley and celery leaf salad.

For the main course, Mr. G ordered the Seared Sea Scallops.  They were served with a creamy toasted farro, lemon parsley pistou and sugar snap peas.

The scallops looked great.  I didn't try it but based on the empty plate, I know Mr. G enjoyed it!  I ordered the soft corn taco plate with black bean & radish salad on the side.  The Spicy Tiger Shrimp was by far the most delicious.  The tomatillo-avocado salsa was spicy and delicious!

Next I tried the Grilled Chicken sans sour cream.  The avocado was not enough to soften the bite of the pickled jalapeno.  My love for spice prevented me from staying away!  The Fish taco was nay the best. I'm weary of white sauces so the jalapeno mayo was not something I was excited to see.  The fish was battered and fried which is not what I usually see in fish tacos.  Overall the taste was lacking.

We shared the Key Lime Pie for dessert.  I had one small bite.  It was far too tangy!  I wish the dessert menu was more expansive but oh well not everything can be perfect.

Alias is a nice change of pace from other restaurants.  It's a cozy space and the menu has a lot of options.  Some of the food is probably something you could make at home, but others are worth going to the restaurant.  Their dessert menu could definitely use some help, but overall it is a good experience and worth the money especially with a blackboard eats discount ;-)

Hungry yet?

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