Monday, August 9, 2010

Topaz Thai

I'm becoming more reluctant to post just for posting sake.  There are a few restaurants I frequent and while I'm sure you would enjoy seeing all the fabulous pictures of the food, I try to stay away from multiple posts about the same place and the same meal.

Ms. H decided to have her last summer lunch in New York with me.  While I didn't take her anywhere quite as fancy as the places she has been this summer, I did take her to Topaz, one of my fav lunch spots.

I ordered the Pad Gra Prow.

This was listed as a spicy dish.  How offensively mislabeled.  It was very tasty and well seasoned, but definitely not spicy.

I enjoyed the taste of my dish but it was not cooked to my liking.  When a place says spicy, they should mean spicy.  Shame on you Topaz for false advertising.

Hungry yet?

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