Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cheap Eat of the Week: $15 dinner!

I've been asked a couple of times why I go to Spice so often.  Aside from it's extremely delicious offerings, it is also one of the more affordable restaurants in NYC.  So when Ms. S suggested that we dine there earlier this week, I happily accepted.

We ordered some of the usual that you've seen before, but there are a couple of new items too. Calamari was delightful as always.

Next up we tried the Nabon Steamed Dumplings.  Chicken and shrimp dumplings in a black vinaigrette sauce.

Yummers! The dumpling was light and perfect. The vinaigrette was pretty light and didn't overpower the flavor of the dumplings.  To keep things light, we ordered the Spice Caesar Salad with miso ginger and szechuan crouton.

First time I tried salad at Spice.  It was perfect...the croutons were the perfect addition.  It was so tasty that I couldn't believe I was eating leaves :-)

We rounded out the meal with the 6 o'clock spicy thai fried rice with chicken.  It took them about 15 minutes to bring it out but it was worth the wait.

2 appetizers, one salad and one entree for $15 each (tax and tip included!)  Seriously how do you pass up this opportunity?  We feasted and couldn't have been happier.  As always Spice gets my highest recommendation!

Hungry yet?

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