Friday, August 6, 2010

Zengo NYC

Thanks to a tip off, I signed up for Blackboard Eats (highly recommend it).  A couple of times a week, they send an e-mail about a special deal at a restaurant, usually 30% off your entire bill! You don't have to buy anything, you simply click a button saying you want the deal and they send you your coupon.  It's that easy!

I decided to use my first coupon at Zengo, a lively and large restaurant in Midtown East.  I typically don't go to the east side, but I'm glad I made the trip for this lovely meal.  Ms. J works close by so she accompanied me to dinner.  The menu can be slightly overwhelming, but there were definitely some items that jumped right off the page.  We decided to order mostly small plates and share one large plate.

The first items to arrive were the fantastic Charred Tuna Wonton Tacos.

Splendid! Each taco was filled with sushi rice, delicious tuna, and topped with spicy guacamole and mango salsa.  You have not experienced Zengo, until you try those tacos!!

Next our Volcano roll arrived.  I'm a big fan of sushi, but couldn't help fantasizing about the tacos even as I ate this delicious treat.

Seared salmon,  red crab, cucumber and a chipotle aioli.  It was really good, but it wasn't the tacos.

Our Rainbow Ceviche arrived next.

I'm not sure I accurately captured the fantastic colors in this dish.  Tuna, salmon, fluke with cucumber, cilantro shiso, chile de arbol ponzu and a few sprinkles of puffed rice.  The puffed rice added a nice texture to the dish.  The cilantro shiso was mouthwateringly good.  The ceviche had a nice balance and wasn't too tangy.

I also ordered the Wok Fried Rice, sans pork.

The shrimp and duck were great flavors in the rice, but it was a little dry for my taste.  Not tryin to brag or anything, but I'd still pick mine over theirs. ;-)

Our delightful large plate arrived soon after.

Seriously have you ever seen anything look soooo good?!  Okay let me give you another angle.

YUM. This chipotle-miso glazed black cod was AMAZING.  It was so fresh and light and the lemon-togarashi aioli was incredible.  It was served on a bed of daikon radish which was also quite good.

Thank you Blackboard Eats for a relatively affordable meal at a fantastic restaurant.  The service was great and the food was perfect.  Even without a 30% discount, Zengo is totally worth it.

Hungry yet?

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