Friday, October 1, 2010

Epicurious Entertains NYC - Lunch Break @ Soho Mansion

My love for food is no secret.  My desire to attend food events is also pretty public considering my weekly food news post.  While I want to go to almost all the events I list, it wasn't until yesterday that the stars aligned and I was actually able to make it.  I signed up to attend the Epicurious Lunch Break at Soho Mansion.  While I've had a pretty hectic week at work and I wasn't sure I would make it, I figured it would be better to buy the ticket and miss out than for the tickets to sell out.  As soon as I got the chance, I darted out of the office and arrived at the Soho Mansion about 20 minutes later.

I walked in and was immediately thrilled that there was no line.  I went up to the third floor and was excited at the scene.  The desserts were the closest table, but I resisted the urge and instead explored. 

Much to my dismay, the vast majority of offerings were beef or pork.  Obviously I was not able to indulge in these delightfully looking treats, but that doesn’t mean that I would leave you without images of them.
Club Style Panino with bacon, smoked turkey, tomato and cheese
Pork Tacos
Mini Hot Dog with Kimchi from Asia Dog

There was also a vegetarian display from Mimi’s Hummus.  I had every intention of trying it out but never quite got around to it.
Didn't catch the name of this interesting dish
More from Mimi's Hummus
After circling the tables and seeing all that beef and pork I was THRILLED to see Pies n Thighs.  I’ve read about this restaurant before and could see myself taking trips to Williamsburg just to get a small taste. 

They served their chicken on a biscuit in miniature form.  It was amazing! A splash of hot sauce and some other white sauce was in there too.  I definitely ate at least 5 of them.  

After feeling like I had a solid amount of food in me, I decided to tackle the dessert tables.

The displays were great and while I wasn’t able to eat every thing I saw, I did sample the mini red velvet cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, cinnamon graham cookie, pumpkin whoopee pie and pumpkin whoopee pie.  All the desserts were remarkable and I was so sad to leave. 

I waddled my way back to the office and could barely think about food for the next couple of ours.  I was thrilled that I could escape from the office even if I was only able to eat fabulous treats from Pies n Thighs and the magnificent desserts from One Girl Cookies and Baked by Melissa.  There are still other events going on this weekend, including a taste of the dishes you can expect at Red Rooster by Marcus Samuelsson.

Hungry yet?

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