Monday, October 4, 2010

Kitchenette Uptown

After an enjoyable dining experience in Philly, I was excited to return to New York and continue my good eating streak.  Once my train arrived, I made a quick stop at my apartment then raced over to Kitchenette to meet my mentee Ms. A.  After rescheduling and postponing a few times, I was happy we were finally able to get together.  We waited outside in the brisk October weather for quite some time before being called for our table.  Kitchenette has an insane rush on weekends from about noon – 1:30. 

When we finally sat down I was a little nervous because the menu was printed differently and I thought that meant the contents had changed. Luckily, my favorites were still in there.  I ordered the Lumberjane and recommended either the Farmhouse or Lumberjack to Ms. A.  While you may wait a while for a seat, you certainly don’t have to wait long for your food.  My Lumberjane was out within a few minutes.

Two thick slices of French toast, 2 eggs any style (hard scrambled for me!) and two pieces of the best homemade turkey sausage ever!  I was in food heaven! Kitchenette truly does have the best turkey sausage ever.  I recommend digging into it right away because the freshness when it’s warm is unrivaled.  The French toast was very thick and sweet.  Ms. A’s Lumberjack also arrived pretty quickly.

Her two mixed berry pancakes topped with strawberries looked amazing.  She also agrees that the turkey sausage was fantastic.

It was great meeting and chatting with Ms. A and of course stuffing myself silly with delicious eats from Kitchenette.  If you’re ever in the Morningside Heights neighborhood and craving brunch, this is definitely the spot to go to.  Almost makes me miss being in law school.

Hungry yet?

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