Thursday, October 21, 2010


Although I had a long night of work ahead of me I decided the best way to kick it off was to have dinner with two of my favorites, yes, them. Dining with Mr. M and Ms. O is always such a pleasure. The night usually starts and ends the same way but it's the middle that keeps things interesting.

We (they but of course I was more than happy with the selection) decided to head to SUteiSHI for dinner. It's near their home, which is where most of our nights start so it was easy to slip out of work and head there. At first glance, SUteiSHI looks small but actually has a sushi bar and outdoor dining which must be awesome on a warm NY night.  Although they had a hostess ready to greet us when we walk in, we didn't really need her cuz our table was clearly marked. 

I had only glanced at the menu once before so it took me some time to decide. Finally we ordered and that’s when the fun really began.

We started with the mixed green salad. Yea sure it looks pretty average, but I assure you it was anything but. The spicy ginger dressing made the greens that much more exciting. I could have eaten the whole thing but it was definitely a shareable portion.  Pretty soon after our fried oysters arrived. 

Woweee! I'll admit I was a little reluctant when Mr. M suggested we order it but good thing I didn't try to talk him out of it because it was pretty awesome. It’s fried in tempura batter, which has a distinctly different taste than regular batter. Yum yum yum. I only had one because I was saving room for the incredible blue crab gyoza with yuzu kimchee.

So happy I saved room for these. I mean seriously they were nothing short of amazing. And the sauce, oh the sauce, I would have loved to bottle it up and sprinkle it on everything I eat.  We took a short break then our entrees arrived.  Ms. O ordered the Red Snapper and the Toro fusion treats as well as the Peck’s Peak. 

Peck’s Peak is a roll with white tuna, yellowtail, avocado, masago, and chipotle soy in red shiso soybean wrap. I tasted it and I was extremely happy she was willing to share.  Mr. M ordered the Kanpachi fusion treat with citrus yuzu and the Wavecrest. 

Unfortunately his Kanpachi arrived without the citrus, but not to worry they were more than happy to add the yuzu. The yellowtail was quite tasty - and you know I love a good jalapeno so that only made it better!

I ordered the Red Snapper and Mackerel fusion treats and the Orange Dragon.

I have to tell you that was some really great sushi.  Best I’ve had in quite some time.  The fusion forced me to order combinations that I have never ordered before and I was quite happy.  Even the Orange Dragon that had spicy salmon, tempura flakes and was topped with salmon and spicy mayo tasted a little different than normal.  Yup, all in all totally worth it.  Under normal circumstances I would have saved room for dessert but I was truly too full to even think about what else to eat.  The dessert menu does have a nice little note in it though.

Cute right?  SUteiSHI is definitely out of the way for most people in Manhattan, but it’s definitely worth the trip. 

Hungry yet?

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