Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Atria Martha's Vineyard

Months before our trip, we spent time reviewing the menus of several island restaurants. With only two opportunities for a sit down dinner we knew we had to choose wisely. The menu at Atria looked amazing so I chose that as my must try. When we arrived, it looked like someone was having a party that had spilled out of the house and into the lovely lantern lit yard. 

We had a slight wait before our table was ready which was annoying but only served to increase my appetite. When our server presented the menu, there were only a couple of items I recognized. That's the problem with getting excited about a place with a daily menu. There were a couple of items I was interested in, but in the end my heart fluttered at the sight of lobster. Specifically I coerced asked Z to share the Stuffed Three Pound Island Lobster. I was sooooooo excited. It took a little while but when it arrived I was thrilled!

The lobster was stuffed lobster, prawns and breadcrumbs. It was also covered with lemon butter.

OMG it tasted incredible!! Seriously it was so fresh and eyes rolling in the back of my head good.

It did require some hard work cracking the huge claws but it was totally worth it! Huge pieces of meat in there that tasted great alone and even better when dipped in the lemon butter.

The prawns and breadcrumbs were also fantastic. Lightly seasoned but packed with flavor. That lobster never stood a chance.  After we polished it off, we made sure there was still room for dessert. I ordered the Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée.

The crème brûlée was disappointing to say the least. The top that I always look forward to was definitely not delicious. It tasted like the pastry chef had caramelized the top hours earlier before he left for the night. The Chocolate Praline Mousse that Z ordered wasn't that much better.

It lacked the richness that chocolate desserts often have and instead fell flat. In the end even the underwhelming dessert couldn't prevent me from loving Atria. The atmosphere is lively but not obnoxious and the lobster was to die for!

If you get a chance to make it up to MV, you should have dinner at Atria. Skip the dessert though and head to Mad Martha's for ice cream.

Hungry yet?

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