Monday, August 1, 2011

Milano Grille - Bridgewater, NJ

OH wow, I can’t believe how far behind I am on the blog! I guess work has been a lot more hectic than I realized and this has certainly been a summer filled with weddings. My weekends have been way busier than winter and spring.  A few days before her wedding, we rehearsed for Ms. K’s (now Mrs. L!) wedding.  After standing in the heat and taking in the beauty of the venue, we went to Milano Grille for dinner.  The restaurant is easy to miss if you’re driving too fast down Route 202/206, but luckily I caught it and turned just in time.  The staff was extremely friendly and I was thrilled when our appetizers arrived. 

Calamari and shrimp! They were obviously after my heart. I ate it pretty quickly and was thrilled when I realized there was more to go around.  They also served some stuffed mushrooms.

Those were slightly less appetizing but I guess it’s nice to have something for the non-shellfish people.  The entrees were also pretty good. I was feeling out of character so I ordered a white sauce! Well technically I should say it was a non-tomato based sauce.  The tilapia with scallops and fettuccine seemed like a good idea.

It tasted pretty good but was slightly under salted. It was cooked in a white wine sauce that likely had some flour to help thicken it.  It definitely got better with each bite, which leads me to believe they likely didn’t cook it together for as long as they should have.  Unfortunately when you serve food before the flavors have really meshed together you’re left with uneven flavor, which is precisely what this dish suffered from.  The Chicken Parmesan looked spectacular.

I definitely had a couple of moments of food envy. Bright tomato sauce! I would have loved to sprinkle a few red pepper flakes on that and just go to town.  A few other appetizing dishes landed on some plates.  The Chicken Marsala was served two ways.  One with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

The other on a bed of fettuccine.

Not bad I say, not bad at all.  Overall everyone seemed happy with my meal. My happiness increased exponentially when it was time for dessert.

A nice slice of Tiramisu that I couldn’t help devouring even though I should have left the restaurant half an hour earlier for my drive home.  I loved every bite and could have eaten a few more if they had let me.  Overall Milano Grille was a good restaurant. Definitely not one of the best I’ve been to but they were gracious hosts and their food was satisfying. If you’re ever in that neighborhood, don’t hesitate to stop by for a bite.

Hungry yet?

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