Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brunch in the 'Burbs

I have really missed seeing LVL around the office since she's been on maternity leave so I was thrilled that I would be spending a few hours with her, Mr. L and their little guy.  I took a very short train ride on metro north and arrived at their home within 40 minutes. Conveniently, I got there just in time for brunch ...

Mr. L is quite the chef.  He had sliced potatoes and chopped spinach.  I was unsure what he was planning to prepare.  He sauteed the potatoes in our presence but then LVL and I went to their oh so comfy couch and chilled for a bit.  Next thing I know, this was on the table.

Wowee! That's one great looking frittata! Mr. L was a little concerned that it didn't set in the middle, but judging by this slice, it was perfect! (check out the steam rising from the slice)

LVL also prepared a bowl of berries and freshly whipped cream.  DELICIOUS!

I was thrilled to spend a few hours with LVL, Mr. L and their little guy.  The Frittata and fruit brunch was exactly what I needed...and yes I happily went back for seconds :-)

Hungry yet?

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