Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Ten 2010 Restaurant Experiences

In the spirit of end of year top 10 lists, I decided to make 2 top 10 lists.  Today's list features the Top 10 restaurant dining experiences either by page hit or personal preference.  Click around and let me know which of these you'll be trying in 2011!

1.     Lima Peruvian Restaurant I ate an entire red snapper! If that's not worth checking out, I don't know what is 

2.     Max Restaurant my first press dinner and I was fortunate enough that it was at such a wonderful Italian restaurant with incredible food

3.     Spice Market tasting menu at one of my favorite restaurants. A dining extravaganza to celebrate Mr. J on the precipice of 30.

4.     Aguaviva another Puerto Rican favorite with the BEST ceviche I've ever eaten and amazing lobster mofongo

5.     Ping Pong Dim Sum my guest blogger did a wonderful job photographing and writing about one of the most talked about restaurants in DC

6.     Zengo NYC my first time using BlackboardEats but definitely not my last time dining at this Richard Sandoval restaurant. Tacos are to die for!

7.     Foreign Cinema got a hook up at a classic San Francisco restaurant. If only I knew the manager everywhere I ate!

8.     Pipa: tapas y mas there's something about tapas that makes eating fun for everyone

9.     Pure Thai Shophouse my newest Thai favorite. I've been back more times than I care to admit

10. Baba Louie's Possibly the best pizza I had this year. Yup it was worth the wait.

Honorable mention: If not for our terrible terrible experience waiting for a table, Bobby Flay Steak would definitely have been in the top 10.

So which of these restaurants are you trying out soon?  Stay tuned for tomorrow's list of top 10 recipes!

Hungry yet?


  1. A very nice and diverse top 10 list, well done:) I'm excited to see what foods 2011 will bring!!!

  2. I've eaten at Bobby Flay's steak and it sure was superb.