Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Negeen Persian Grill

I took a little trip into Jersey last week to visit Ms. K.  While it hadn’t been that long since I’d seen her, it felt like ages!  Almost all the restaurants in her area were closed, but luckily we found Negeen Persian Grill.  Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting much, which is why I didn’t take my camera (apologies in advance for picture quality).  The restaurant was virtually empty which wasn’t too surprising but I was excited to see that it is Zagat rated.  We weren’t really that hungry so we settled on two appetizers and an entrée.  Ms. K ordered the Negeen Soup.  It didn’t really photograph well, but the cilantro, rice, chicken and spices smelled incredible.  The Olivieh caught my eye.

It was like a crazy good version of classic chicken salad.  Diced chicken breast boiled eggs, potatoes, pickles, green peas, shredded carrot, mixed with olive oil and light mayonnaise.  I kept trying to stop but instead I just kept eating it with the bread that accompanying bread.  Eventually our entrée arrived and diverted my attention from the Olivieh.

The Boneless Chicken Kabob was perfect!  Large juicy chicken cubes marinated with saffron, lemon juice and onions.  It was served with quite possibly the best rice I’ve eaten in a REALLY long time.

Hungry yet?

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