Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mie N Yu

Thanks to my fantastic guest blogger, I’ve seen quite the increase in traffic from DC/MD/VA area.  As my regular readers know, I’ve seen an uptick in the number of invitations to review restaurants but imagine my surprise when within hours of my arrival in DC, I received an invitation for my guest blogger and I to dine at a wonderful restaurant in Georgetown. I happily accepted and made reservations at Mie N Yu for Saturday brunch.  They were kind enough to allow our chauffeur, Mr. K to dine with us.

Mie N Yu is a beautiful restaurant, perhaps the most beautiful one I’ve ever entered.  If given the opportunity to plan an event in the area, I would definitely use their space.  

The themed rooms are a refreshing change from traditional restaurant décor.  

Brunch has certainly become a bigger part of my weekend dining adventures so I was thrilled to try out Mie N Yu’s prix fixe brunch.  Given the choice between a salad and a bowl of fruit, I usually go with the salad.  However, the Good Morning Sunshine sounded like more than your average bowl of fruit and it certainly was.

A bowl of fresh and dried fruits, toasted almonds, granola, pomegranate yogurt drizzle.  The dried fruit initially threw me off a little bit but it was a good change of consistency and was a good contrast to the crunchy granola.  The pomegranate flavor was barely noticeable in the yogurt drizzle, which is a shame because I was looking forward to it.  Mr. K ordered the Bombay Peanut Salad.

He recently returned from his trip to India, so its no surprise that he went with this item.  The mixed Asian greens, grape tomatoes, pickled shallots and curried peanuts were served in a crispy pappadam basket with warm toasted cumin vinaigrette.  The cumin vinaigrette was AWESOME.  This salad is a must have and I hope it appears somewhere on the regular menu.  Soon after our appetizers, our second course arrived.  My guest blogger and I ordered the Eggs Benedict.

I must admit it was my first time eating Eggs Benedict.  The poached eggs were accompanied by wilted greens, goat cheese and hollandaise atop a toasted english muffin and served with a side of breakfast potatoes.  I typically have my eggs hard scrambled or hard boiled so poached eggs were a difficult concept for me.  

Even still, I did enjoy my meal.  I was surprised at how good it tasted.  I don’t really think I will order eggs benedict again because of the consistency but I’m glad my first experience was at a restaurant that made it taste this good.  On second thought, I did notice that the menu includes Crab Cake Benedict.  I would definitely try that!  The breakfast potatoes were also really good.  The potatoes tasted as though they were sprinkled in paprika. My taste buds were happy.   Mr. K ordered the Korean Bulgogi Sandwich.

The heaping mound of marinated beef with chili aioli, lettuce and housemade kimchee arrived on a ciabatta bun with a side of fries.  I was a little intimidated at the size of the sandwich, but Mr. K ate every bite.  He noted that the marinade was delicious and incredibly flavorful.  The fries were well seasoned and I enjoyed a few of those myself.  The prix fixe brunch menu is the gift that keeps on giving because next up our dessert arrived.  I ordered the house made Tiramisu with chai latte drizzle.

I didn’t eat as much of it as I wanted to – not because it wasn’t good but rather because I was already so full.  It was really really good. I could have done without the chai latte drizzle though – it just didn’t add anything to the dessert.  They ordered the Asian Pear Strudel..

It looked pretty good and apparently it tasted even better! I think its safe to say that Mie N Yu was the perfect brunch spot on this particular day.  I must note that I was pretty surprised at how empty the restaurant was even when we were leaving around 1…I mean seriously people, do you realize what you’re missing?!

At $20 per person, the three-course brunch prix fixe menu is a great way to start the weekend before heading out for some shopping in the area.  It’s definitely worth the trip to the metroless Georgetown neighborhood.  There is a good variety of items on the menu and if nothing strikes your fancy, the a la carte menu is also pretty impressive.

Hungry yet?

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  1. The ambiance was wonderful - as were the eggs benedict! I'm in total agreement that Mie N Yu made for a lovely weekend brunch.