Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Brunch Part Deux

After a fabulous dinner at Momofuku, we sang our hearts out for several hours at a Karaoke spot then hauled back uptown to sleep for a few hours before brunch.  Yes, it's true, all I did for my birthday was eat! Il Bastardo was so good the first time I went that I decided that a few weeks later it would be the perfect place for my birthday brunch.  Since David Chang is so limiting in how many people can attend his meals, I made sure that I could have at least one meal with as many of my favorites as possible.  I’ve already adequately described what makes this place awesome, so this will be strictly about the food.

The French Toast gets top billing again and several of the diners ordered this fantastic dish. It was just as good as last time.  I also made sure to get a side of the sautéed potatoes. Yum yum yum!!! My next homemade brunch will certainly include my version of these stewed potatoes.  Several people also ordered the Steak and Eggs accompanied by potatoes and spinach.

While I can’t attest to the taste, I noticed several empty plates so I’m sure they were spectacular (or my friends were REALLY hungry!)  

Another popular dish was the Eggs Benedict with Maryland Crab Cakes.

Negative on the soupy eggs for me, but I was all over the crab cakes.  Even my Marylanders complemented the cake. Woohoo!  I also had a chance to sample the pancakes.

They were delicious! Not quite the flavor of the Lemon Ricotta ones, but hey you can’t win ‘em all!  They definitely won on the pasta front.  Ms. O ordered the Rigatoni.

I was a big fan! Al dente  pasta and sauce cooked perfectly.  Il Bastardo was nothing short of awesome. Yea their service was a little slow, but they were very generous. The atmosphere was lively, the company was spectacular and it was a great way to end the fantastic weekend of eating.  Can't wait to go back!!

Hungry yet?

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