Monday, February 14, 2011

The Warmest House Ever

They moved!! Ms. O and Mr. M moved! To celebrate their glorious new home (which shares a wall with their old home) they invited several of their favorites to a rockin good time.  After brunch, I had a hard time getting it together so I didn't arrive at their home quite as early as I wished.  By the time I arrived, almost everything was already set.  Ms. O was still in the kitchen so thankfully I was able to help a little bit.  It was quite the spread!  The best part is that Ms. O labeled all the food and beverages with toothpick signs...umm awesome!  So let’s see, where to start...

This Armenian string cheese was my favorite thing that I didn’t eat enough of.  It was fresh and light and moist.

The chicken wings were FABULOUS I was quite shocked to see that there were so many left over and the next day I kicked myself for not taking some home. 

I loved the chicken meatballs. They were even tastier than last time.  Which I didn't think was possible!

The corn salsa was so good, I ate it by itself and pretended the chips didn't exist.  That is until I saw the guacamole.

Wowee. Many party goers were there because of the legendary guacamole.  It was creamy avocado heaven.

I didn't try the various meats but I heard good things from others.

I also realize I didn't try the brie. Definitely my loss because it looked amaaaazing and smelled really good too.

I was a big fan of the fruit plate and spent a lot of time reaching for the sweet sweet pineapples.

The sandwiches looked pretty good but they were close to the wings so I always picked the wings over the sandwiches.

The assortment of cheese probably went really well with the meat that I didn't try, but I saw some people enjoying the cheese solo.

The vegetables were fresh and also a nice healthy choice, but it didn't stop me from getting to the sweet treats.

Ms. O's sister was kind enough to send a couple of boxes of Crumbs mini cupcakes.  I had my eye on the red velvet and had a couple of them.  They're just as delicious as the monster sized versions.

Ms. O definitely knows how to make a party. Lots and lots of different types of nibbles, good music and an excellent crowd.  I hope the housewarming is not the only party they plan on throwing (hint, hint). I'm looking forward to returning for many more celebrations and amazing dining experiences.

Hungry yet?

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  1. It really is too bad that you didn't take wings home! I sent some home with a few people, and we still had enough for the Superbowl and lunch for Monday. AND I was concerned we would run out of food!