Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ocean Grill NYC

When Restaurant Week was still in its official phase, I took a break from a busy work weekend to meet with MM for dinner at Ocean Grill.  I was super excited because the menu had lots of great options and I knew it’d be a great time.  I had planned on ordering the restaurant week menu, but the Sea Bass was not available.  Drats! So instead we feasted on various dishes.

MM ordered the Chef’s Special Maki Roll. 

I wish I remembered everything that was in there.  I know there was seaweed and it was delightful.  I definitely had more than one piece.  I ended up ordering the Spicy Lobster & Hamachi Roll.

Oh lobster, you never fail to amaze me.  Especially when mixed with avocado, jalapeño, and topped with cilantro aioli.  YUM!!  I was actually surprised at how full I already felt after eating the appetizer.  Of course, that didn’t stop me from powering through to the main course.  The Oven Roasted Cod was spectacular. 

Cooked to perfection and served with shrimp wontons, hon shimeji mushrooms and thai curry broth.  The shrimp wontons were packed full of shrimp and soft but not mushy.   The broth was poured into the dish after it was served.  I’m a big fan of presentation so that was impressive.  Equally impressive was MM’s Thai Shrimp Salad with Blood Oranges & Green Papaya.

A wonderful mix of vegetables including edamame, fresh hearts of palm tossed in a chili-white soy vinaigrette. Food envy, much? I definitely had more than one bite.  MM also ordered the Shrimp & Lobster Spring Rolls.

They were a sight to be seen.  I didn’t love the spring roll itself but the chunks of lobster and shrimp were delicious and I happily picked them out of the shell.  After all that food, I was stuffed.  But by now you know my sweet tooth is no joke.  So of course I ordered the Orange Flavored Crème Brulee.

Since I’m a crème brulee connoisseur, I’m awfully picky about what tastes good.  This was pretty good. I wasn’t that hungry anymore though so I didn’t have as much as I probably would normally eat.  They also gave us some chocolately goodness.  I was definitely a fan!

Ocean Grill was another restaurant week success.  MM and I had a fabulous time and I couldn’t have been happier to get a break from the grind.  I will likely return, but with so many restaurants in NYC I’m finding it more difficult to repeat restaurants.  I know, I know, my life is so hard J

Hungry yet?

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