Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mos Def - Blue Note

One of the things about working as much as I’ve been lately is that I wake up much earlier than I used to – even on weekends.  One of my first moves is to pick up my phone and see if there was any activity in the 4-6 hours that I slept.  Last weekend when I picked up my phone on Saturday morning, I was thrilled to see an email from Blue Note letting me know that my Mos Def was performing on Tuesday for one night only.  I quickly pondered whether this would be a good idea.  I knew the 9pm show was a no-go. I could probably get out of work at 9 but definitely not make it to the concert by then.  Never one to turn down a Mos concert, I decided the 11:30pm show was my only option.  Not many love Mos like I do, but Ms. S is usually down for a good show and has accompanied me in the past.  She was down so all was set.

Tuesday night I left work around 10:30 and was glad that I didn’t pick the 9pm show.  I waited outside in 15-degree weather hoping he would finish up his other set quickly.  Upon entering Blue Note, I immediately ordered hot chocolate.

I’m pretty sure it was instant – it was good though but probably only because of the whipped cream.  I realized how hungry I was and gladly Ms. S obliged when I suggested we order Calamari.

Fried, crispy goodness. Yup I was into it.  When the clock hit 12:30, the room went silent for a moment and then exploded in applause as Mos walked up to the stage.  He was just as handsome as the last time I saw him.  Dressed in a red shirt with a black blazer and pinstripe pants – he looked incredible.  He was feeling some sort of way because he had just returned from New Zealand and had not performed in NY in some time.  He was cracking jokes as though he was emceeing Def Poetry again.

He also had a percussion set and was having the time of his life playing.  This concert was different than most because if you came to see classic Mos – and by that I mean Black on Both Sides, BlackStar Mos – that’s not who was there.  This was True Magic, The Ecstatic, Mos. I loooooved it.  His flow is amazing and his lyrics are inspiring. He previewed a couple of new songs of course without titles.  I can’t wait ‘til he drops another album.  The way this man moves between rapping and singing is magical.

At around 2am when he tried to get off stage, the request for an encore was overwhelming.  He decided to do a couple more songs, then a couple more, then a couple more.  The greatest.  He even started taking requests. And when he performed Roses, I think I was the only person truly rocking out.  Finally at around 2:45, Ms. S dragged me out as Mos was leaving the stage.  A couple more minutes and I could have made a new friend.  I jokingly questioned whether or not Ms. S could hang – but in truth anyone who is willing to roll with me to an 11:30 concert on a Tuesday night is certainly ‘bout it. 

So many Mos songs to choose from, but I’ll leave you with this. 

Although the concert didn’t happen today, I’ll pretend it was his birthday present to me. One year older, one year wiser, one more Mos concert under my belt. 

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