Monday, June 6, 2011

Cafe Lalo

Oh man, I'm really falling behind here! As I scroll through my photos, I am finding meals I never posted about! Sincerest apologies. After we enjoyed a meal at Tangled Vine, we went for dessert at  Cafe Lalo.  Tucked away on 83rd street, Cafe Lalo lights up the block with its christmas lights. It was a nice day so the windows were open. When you walk in, you see the wide assortment of cakes and other sweet treats. I couldn't help but get excited! When we reviewed the extensive menu (skip to page 8 for the sweetness), the Mousse Chocolate Cappuccino Cake won my heart.

What a beaut and it tasted INCREDIBLE! The sweetness of the chocolate and cappuccino was perfectly balanced with the semi-salty crust.  ::sigh:: heaven. on. earth.  I also ordered Hot Chocolate.

I didn't ask for those floating marshmallows and quite frankly I was a little disturbed by their presence. Luckily, Z-Wonderful helped me out.  She also helped herself to the Chocolate Lover's Torte.

Wowee! Too rich for my blood! It was really good but incredibly rich and I felt like I needed some milk to wash it all away.  I think she ordered decaf coffee but I can't quite recall.

What I do know is they served it with Toblerone! Nice! Cafe Lalo has an amazing selection of sweet treats and I think their menu also contains some savory treats. Their service is definitely less than so I'm glad we were only there for dessert. Go there for a deliciously sweet end to your night or just because you can't resist the goodness.

Hungry yet?

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