Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maxine's Restaurant & Lounge - Catalina Hotel South Beach, Miami

After a three and a half hour flight delay, Ms. M and I were thrilled to finally be on the ground and able to meet up with the rest of the crew. We walked a few blocks from our place to Catalina Hotel on 18th and Collins. It was quite a lively afternoon on Collins. We found the ladies seated outside at Maxine's Restaurant & Lounge and joined them. The future Mrs. L ordered The Classic Burger.

I don't eat beef but I was so hungry that I was actually tempted to take a bite! I stuck to the fries which were pretty good. She enjoyed her burger though and the elder Ms. K certainly enjoyed her Buffalo Pizza.

It tasted pretty good but I could have done without the blue cheese. I ordered the BBQ chicken pizza. It was amazing!

The crust was perfect, the amount of sauce was excellent and chicken was expertly seasoned. I was a big fan! I didn't finish my pizza but it made for a delightful snack the next night before we went to dinner.

The variety of Maxine's menu is what made it a great place to start our trip. The outdoor seating was a plus and the music made for a great party. Overall it was the perfect beginning to a very memorable weekend.

Hungry yet?

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