Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Counter: Custom Built Burgers

Several months ago when I was still wearing a jacket outside and praying the temperature would at least hit 50, I saw a deal on Gilt City to build my own burger at The Counter. Of course I told MM about it. A few weeks ago we finally made it to The Counter. It's a smallish space in Times Square but it was pretty lively and the Heat/Celtics game was on. We started with the Turkey Chili.

OMG! It was soooo good! The little bits of dried cranberries were perfect with the sweet yet spicy chili. I tried to stop myself but I definitely ate far more than I should have! We also ordered sweet potato fries and regular fries.

Yum! The sweet potato fries were great and the other fries were perfect for eating with the chili. What makes The Counter so special is that you can build your own burger! When you sit down, you fill out an order sheet and mark off what you want.

MM ordered a salad with a whole lotta goodness.

It was apparently pretty good though it is still pretty strange to turn a burger into a salad. I ordered a juicy grilled chicken burger.

The sautéed onion was a bit overwhelming but the other toppings were excellent. The jalapeños, pickles, corn and sweet BBQ sauce were excellent. The bun also held up pretty well!

The Counter is a pretty pricy burger joint but it was really delicious! The burger was great but I was even more excited about the chili and fries. If you're hanging out in Times Square and in the mood for a delicious burger and some great starters/sides, I recommend  heading over to The Counter.

Hungry yet?

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