Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sadigo Court - South Beach

Back in November the ladies got together to try on dresses for Ms. K's impending nuptials. While she wasn't listening, we discussed how we would help her celebrate one last weekend before walking up the aisle. What better place to celebrate than South Beach! Ms. M found is a place to stay. Sadigo Court was our spot for the weekend. The 20th street location was perfect. Just close enough to the fun without being all up in the mix. There are three buildings that make up the hotel. It has an interior courtyard that served as our location for delicious fresh fruit breakfasts and some late night chillin'. Our room was fantastic! It was a two bedroom one and a half bathroom space with a full kitchen.

The master bedroom was well done and had a bathroom and two spacious closets. The bed was also really comfortable! Considering the number of naps we took that was definitely great. The second bedroom was just that - a bed room.

It actually seemed more like a former outdoor patio that is now covered. Not bad though, they definitely slept comfortably in there! The living area was wonderful.

The bed doubled as a couch and we had enough space to dance around and keep ourselves entertained. The kitchen was also pretty spacious. It proved useful when we needed to reheat food or stash the fruit we helped ourselves to during breakfast.

Sadigo Court was a great place to stay. The owner was very friendly and helpful. The location was secure and you needed a key to enter so it was like coming home every time. If you're looking for the fancy high rise hotel, this isn't it. But if you're looking for something that could almost be home, then this is your place!

Hungry yet?

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