Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ariana Afghan Kebab Restaurant

A lot has happened since I last saw Ms. J.  In fact, an entire season has gone by!  I was thrilled that our schedules coincided for lunch on Friday.  Since I’ve been to so many midtown lunch spots, I had a hard time figuring out where to go.  I gave a few suggestions and Ms. J picked Ariana.

I’ve heard and read a lot of great things about Ariana so I was super excited to try.  Like many of the Ninth Ave. establishments, it is a rather small restaurant.  The décor is very interesting and includes rugs and photos of Afghanistan.  The menu has a lot of different dishes, but Ms. J and I both had our heart set on the Famous Chicken Shish Kebab.

This meal was absolutely delicious.  The boneless chicken tasted like it had been marinating for weeks.  It was tender and the seasoning was all over it.  The chicken was served with basmati rice and a salad with an incredibly tasty dressing.

The owner, at least that’s who I think he was – he’s the man pictured on the website – was incredibly kind.  He didn’t rush us and was very attentive.  If I had it my way, I would never have left, but alas back to work I went with a huge smile on my face from the wonderful meal. 

If you’ve never been, now is your chance.  The weather is still nice enough for them to keep the windows open and if you can’t leave your office, they deliver!

Hungry yet?

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