Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rice 'n' Beans

Another buddy lunch = another free meal...and of course very serious lawyer talk.  I have to cover a compliance conference for someone tomorrow so I needed some buddy to buddy assistance.  I chose a restaurant I've blogged about before but didn't provide it enough coverage.

Rice & Beans bills itself as continental cuisine and Brazilian specialties.  It's a pretty small restaurant and while I've enjoyed both dinner and lunch there, I am a big fan of the $9.99 lunch menu.  We decided to start with Empanadas and Pao de Queijo (Brazilian Style Cheese Puffs).

There was a slight mixup with the empanadas.  My buddy, Mr. A started snacking on the chicken one and "didn't realize" that it wasn't beef. Ha! When I finally got a hold of the chicken, it was scrumptious! I'd believe them if they said they marinated it over night.  The best part is that the empanada is properly filled.  No unnecessary dough.

The cheese puffs were also tasty but a little too cheesy for my liking, but I can see how others would like them.  They're served warm.

Our entrees arrived pretty soon after.  Mr. A ordered the Brazilian Style Shrimp Risotto.

Looks good right? I was a big fan of the dancing shrimp.  They looked tasty and must have been because Mr. A cleaned up.  I ordered the 1/4 Pollo Loco roasted chicken with special hot sauce.

I was a big fan of this dish.  The hot sauce wasn't that special.  I expected them to bring the fire.  While it was flavorful, it definitely wasn't spicy.  I'd still recommend it though.

Rice n Beans is awesome.  A great midtown restaurant especially for lunch.  It can be a little noisy especially when they open the doors, but if you take a seat closer to the kitchen it'll be less noisy.  Oh and p.s. the bathroom is IN the kitchen.  Wild, I know but no worries it's very clean back there!

Hungry yet?

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