Sunday, September 12, 2010

Festive Feasting

Friday was the start of Eid-ul-fitr, a three day festival to mark the end of Ramadan.  I've been feasting for the last two days and today was not exception.  While I will post separately about the fabulous brunch earlier today, I thought I'd share some images of the various things I've eaten the last couple of days.  Everyone loves a little food porn ;-)

I was at the mother ship for a few days and she definitely held it down.  That buffet includes plantain, fried rice, jollof rice, fried fish with peppers and onions and chicken with peppers and onions.

A close up of my beloved plaintains

The fried rice which I ended up bagging so I could take some for the road.

A close up of the incredible fish.

My plate also included a little bit of spinach on top of the fried rice.

A collaborative effort between mama bear and sister-in-law resulted in a nice breakfast spread one morning

Eventually I had to leave home, but luckily Ms. J gave me reason to be happy that I was back in the city.  To celebrate her entry into her official entry into the mid twenties, she prepared a fantastic spread which I couldn't photograph, but was able to get pictures of my plate.  Plantain, shrimp, rice and beans yummy!

There were also some delicious cupcakes. I sampled the red velvet and was very happy with it.

She also had a cake which I didn't get a chance to taste, but if it's like everything else, I'm sure it was fabulous!  The jerk chicken skewer was fantastic but I ate it before I remembered to photograph it...sorry!

Hungry yet?

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