Friday, September 3, 2010

Café Habana

After last night's debacle I had no desire to eat anything that I didn't make. So when Mr. G suggested that we go to Café Habana, I reluctantly agreed.

Cafe Habana on the corner of Prince and Elizabeth streets was the place to be on Thursday night.  The relatively small restaurant was completely full and there were a number of people outside waiting for tables. I knew then that this was a good decision.

Within 20 minutes we were seated at a small table in the back near the stereo which played Stevie Wonder, MC Hammer, Michael Jackson and some Cuban tunes. We started off with an order of Mexican corn.

Grilled corn with cotija cheese sprinkled with chili powder. It was phenomenal!!! The chili powder was only on one side of the corn so when I needed a break I would flip to the other side with a cool taste of melted cheese. The few parts that had blackened a little from being on the grill also tasted amazing.

The corn was so good I would have ordered more and ate it as my entree. However I was quite happy to have the Baja Fish Tacos.

They were incredible! The taco was in a corn tortilla that was hard enough to stay in one piece but soft enough that it didn't scrape the roof of my mouth. The beer battered catfish was juicy, well seasoned and tasty. The taco also contained cabbage, tomatoes and spicy crema. For those that are not a fan of white sauce, the sauce was definitely not offensive. I barely noticed it.

The tacos were accompanied by rice and beans and salsa negra. The salsa was excellent and I dipped my taco in there several times. The rice and beans were seasoned to perfection.

This was one dining experience that I didn't want to end. The incredible flavors were only one part of what made this enjoyable. The service was on point and the music added a fun and playful atmosphere. Café Habana is totally worth the trip and I highly recommend it.

Hungry yet?

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