Monday, September 6, 2010

East Japanese

After Friday night’s homemade deliciousness, VBRAT et. al. def needed to go out for eats.  (Although they did have a fabulous brunch at Caffe Latte where they saw Marcus Samuelsson!!)

We really wanted to go to a fantastic sushi place that I LOVE, but we couldn’t get reservations.  We figured we would go to a different sushi place.  Good, but not great but it’s really about the experience.

I chose East Japanese because of the conveyor belt service! 

The sushi rolls around on colored plates with a few pieces.  You pick a plate eat up, stack and go on to the next. Dining in this way is fantastic! So many options rolling by you really get to experience a lot of different things.  It’s like a sushi buffet but you never have to get up!

Unfortunately, we showed up right as they were closing so we had to place all our orders right away. We started off with edamame which was rather delicious.  

We then ordered a whole lot of sushi and it came out on two GIANT plates.  The sushi lover’s special for two contained lots of fabulous treats.

We also ordered a bunch of different rolls.

By far the favorite was the pepper shrimp roll.  Shrimp tempura with black pepper on the outside.  A nice kick that leaves a lingering taste of spice.  Remarkable.

The Mexican roll with tuna, cucumber and fried flour is coated with dried chili, but not nearly as tasty as was expected.

East Japanese is a good sushi restaurant.  Not the best I’ve been to, but good enough to go again. The best part is snatching plates off the conveyor belt which we didn’t rally get a chance to do.

Hungry yet?

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  1. mmmmmm, that black pepper tempura roll. Next time have the opportunity to go there again I will take a plate from the belt and replace it with your blog card!

    Sadly, you were not with us for the lovely dinner we had at Kellari Parea Bistro ( HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Every single one of my three courses was delectable. For dessert, I recommend the greek yogurt with drizzled thyme honey. Apparently the chef owns the goats from which the yogurt was made.