Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fu Sushi NYC

As you know, Ms. J’s birthday was last weekend.  While I was happy to celebrate with her last weekend, I was really looking forward to taking her out to dinner.  I decided on one of my favorite sushi restaurants in the city.  Fu Sushi is an amazing restaurant.  While it may not look like much from the outside, the food rocks my world.

I arrived to dinner a little late because I just had to see Ms. O one last time before the big day.  I was pleased to find that Ms. J had already arrived though I felt terrible for keeping her waiting.  We ordered shumai to start.

The shumai was well stuffed and although bite size still packed quite the punch.  Although I’ve been to Fu Sushi a few times, this was the first time I ordered the shumai.  I’ll definitely be adding it to my future meals.  For dinner, I suggested we order two items that I’ve previously eaten and Ms. J suggested the third.  

We started with the Spider Roll.

Sushi was difficult for me to photograph but I hope you are able to appreciate the soft shell crab, lettuce, cucumber and tobiko.  I certainly appreciated it when I put the first piece in my mouth.  Delicious as I expected and I couldn’t wait to eat more.  I paused for some ginger then moved on to the Union Square.

Salmon, avocado and mango topped with seared tuna and avocado.  Looking at this makes me want to go back and order some right now.  It was amazingly fresh and the tuna and salmon were a good combo and mango was fantastic.  Of course, I saved the best for last.  The American Dream.

Shrimp Tempura (my fav) with avocado and spicy tuna topped with spicy lobster and kani.  It’s incredible.  There’s no point in pretending.  This is by far my favorite sushi dish ever.  The spice level is unlike any I’ve experienced in sushi before.  It makes me soooo happy J

Fu Sushi is the truth.  The sushi is incredible the vibe is laid back and unpretentious and the price is right.  I highly recommend the trip to the east village!

p.s. Fu is a byob restaurant and gets pretty crowded during the weekend so you should DEFINITELY make reservations.  Weekdays are pretty low key though.

Hungry yet?

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