Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lima Peruvian Restaurant

The highlight of my trip (food wise of course) was the incredible dish I ate at Lima.  It pretty much set the bar, although I must say my final dinner was also extremely impressive, but you’ll have to wait to read about that.  Lima is tucked away in Miramar on a fairly major street but with little fanfare.

I walked in to the industrial looking space and loved the communal tables in the middle as well as the simple décor.  The menu was entirely in Spanish.  I was pretty impressed with my understanding – food is a universal language :-) I was craving red snapper so when I saw chillo entero on the menu, I knew exactly what I was planning to order.  It looked so good I must show you a couple of pictures to try to capture the awesomeness.

That is Chillo Entero (whole red snapper).  This two pound beauty was the best looking thing I ate the entire week.

I mean seriously, it’s a beaut.  It was served with montado en vegetales mixtos y yuquitas.  My rough translation is mixed vegetables and yucca.  The veggies were a nice crunch.  The yucca was also really delicious.  The server brought out a side of the house made spicy sauce.  As for the fish, every last morsel was incredible.  I quickly dropped the fork and knife and went for it with my hands.

Yup – that’s right went to town.  If only I could eat this again.  I can’t wait to go back to Lima and had to stop myself from going back during the week.  Bestie’s ceviche de pescado was also awesome.

The ceviche had a slightly tart flavor and the corn was crispy which added a great contrast.  It was served with a side of tostones and I was quite happy to get in there and help her out with them.

Even though we cleaned up our dinner, there was no way we weren’t having dessert.

That is suspiro de limeña.  Caramelized milk and meringue aromatized with port wine.  Simply divine! I was singing and dancing while enjoying that crazy good treat.  Dining at Lima was an INCREDIBLE experience.  The chillo entero is a must have, but you should also find a way to have some ceviche. 

Hungry yet?

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  1. Hahaha, you went IN on that poor fish. Murderer. The tostones look incredible :).