Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rip Curl 2010 Pro Search, Isabela PR

By now my secret’s out. I spent the last week on vacation visiting Bestie in Puerto Rico.  It was a fantabulous trip complete with delicious eats, sunning and all around ridiculousness.  I got to spend time with an old friend, make new friends and get a few bug bites.  I’m not thrilled to be back in New York, especially with the 20-30 degree temperature differential, but I do love NY and have many restaurants I need to try the next few weeks.

A very special thank you to my guest blogger who rocked it showcasing a recipe and a restaurant.  Thanks Hashinator, you the best.

I arrived in PR on Sunday and was thrilled at the prospect of attending the Rip Curl 2010 Pro Search.  In truth, our drive to Isabela was really for the concerts not the surfing.  The drive took a while but it was great catching up with Bestie and also seeing all the lush green land that PR has to offer.  We arrived in Isabela just as the storms subsided but it was still cloudy.  I absentmindedly forgot to take pictures of the AMAZING views in Isabela.  I actually can’t describe it because words would do it no justice.  Sincerest apologies.

The festival was apparently not as full as it usually is, but it was definitely poppin.  Bestie and I had some festival food that wasn’t stellar, but I guess did what it had to do.

That is Pollo Pincho.  It was cooked on a BBQ and slathered with amazing sauce.  I had 2 of those.  The display had many other fried goodies to look forward to but I had to pass. 

Just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I did manage to try the pizza though.

Nay the best.  The dough was appalling but satisfied my need for carbs to get through the night.  Eventually the rain got heavier.  Didn’t matter though because peeps were jamming.  Especially to this little number.


Catchy right? Still can’t get it out of my head!! Overall the food at the festival was underwhelming which is why I was grateful that we stopped somewhere on our way home.  More on that later…

Hungry yet?

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