Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spanish Night!

Each time I visit Maiden Lane, I realize that I need to return there more often.  When we first discussed how late I would be arriving at her home, Ms. O stated that she would have a few snacks ready for me.  Considering how long she's known me, I figured that our definition of snacks was the same, but I wasn't sure.  I was borderline famished when I arrived around 10pm and thank goodness our definitions are indeed the same.  I was excited when she announced it would be a Spanish teamed snackfest.

Heavy snacking material
You can still see the steam rising from the amazing sauteed shrimp.  I ate quite a few of these.

The amaaaazing chicken meatballs.  The sauce was incredible.  I sopped it up with the bread which was toasted yet soft.
The Patatas Bravas were definitely a highlight.  I couldn't help myself I just kept piling more on my plate.  I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious dessert.  Mr. M picked up a pie for Ms. O and I.

It was INCREDIBLE.  Well toasted crust and top - amazing filling.  YUM! By now you know Ms. O always delivers.  I was thrilled to spend the night in my own private tapas lounge.  Can't wait for next time!!

Hungry yet?

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