Friday, November 12, 2010

Ping Pong Dim Sum

My second guest blog for Lady T! This time no cooking involved, just some dim sum at Ping Pong Dim Sum (the name itself is intriguing!) with Mr. K, Mr. S, and another Mr. K. This restaurant has a really nice and romantic ambiance, the guys voiced that they were happy to have a girl there with them. Ping Pong also has a great happy hour (if you can get a spot near the bar, which we couldn't, it was packed!) and delicious food. The dumplings were good, but the various types of "puffs" which are basically soft, fluffy stuffed pastries, were even better!!! They bring them out to you as they're made, and the dishes are for sharing, so they are hot and went quick.

Chive dumpling - King prawns and chives in green chive pastry. It was ok, I couldn't really taste chives and the texture of the pastry looked and tasted a little slimey to me.
French press coffee for 2 (I drank it all by myself): delicious
Chicken puffs - honey roasted barbeque chicken in hand-made puff pastries topped with pineapple: we ordered this multiple times, which just goes to show how delish it was. The pineappe was the perfect touch.

Spicy chicken dumplings - I didn't try these but they went fast and got good reviews. They come with a basil, ginger, and black sesame seed sauce.
Crabmeat and prawn dumplings. These are open, translucent dumplings filled with crabmeat, king prawns, and mixed herbs. This wasn't very popular, again the puffy pastries were a lot more appealing!
Char sui buns: these buns are a different texture, kind of soft and sticky, good for dipping because they absorb the sauce well.

Banana wantons with bittersweet chocolate dipping sauce - a delectable little bit of sweetness (still wrapped in fried goodness)

If you're ever in the Washington DC, Chinatown area, this restaurant is a must!!!

In my dim sum excitement I forgot to thanks for Mr. S for a great recommendation. He seems to know his restaurants!

Hungry yet? :-)

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  1. This seems to be an interesting and more contemporary style of dim sum than I've usually experienced. I definitely want to go here the next time I'm in DC. Sounds like a great one-stop-shop for drinks, dinner, and dessert! Great pics!

  2. i think that coffee was for 4..haha. but deff come back to this place, food was really really good.