Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Day in Port Washington

Mr. G and I headed out quite early this morning so we could head out to Port Washington and hang with Dr. and Mrs. G.  Penn Station was a zoo! Luckily Mr. G was quite savvy (read: cut the line!) and we got our tickets just in time to get on the train.

Port Washington is a picturesque little town on the water with views of the City from different parts of the town.  I wish I had pictures of all the wonderful sites I saw, but lets be honest, food is the real reason I blog and boy did Mrs. G hook it up!

When we arrived (in the middle of Germany going to town on Argentina), Mrs. G was already making it happen in the kitchen.  She fried up some delicious eggs (now I see where Mr. G gets his egg making skills from).  These were no ordinary eggs.  Ladies and Gentlemen she put in fresh shrimp!!! A woman after my own heart!

The eggs were accompanied with toast of course.  She also prepared a fresh fruit plate.  I was in awe.  

Happily fed, Mr. G and I headed out for a bit.  It was a lovely walk around town but it was an even better drive (so hot out there!).

We returned after a couple of hours and Mrs. G was almost done preparing dinner.  While we waited, she served a refreshing watermelon juice and moi moi (Nigerian bean cake that I’ll make some day and share the recipe with you). 

Although I was already full, dinner was soon served and I was thrilled to have another fantastic meal.

Rice and beans.  These rice and beans were special because it was jollof style rice with black eye peas.  She also included pieces of chicken.  This rice was very substantial and I really didn’t need anything else, but I was sure to add tons of plantain to my plate as well as chicken and spinach.

Port Washington was fabulous.  Mrs. G kept my stomach full and Dr. G made sure that I didn’t miss a minute of the world cup.  Overall, a fantastic day and the best part is Mrs. G gave us several bags to take back. Score!

Hungry yet?

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