Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thai Market

There are so many Thai restaurants in New York that I could probably eat at a different one every day of the week.  Thai Market is one of these great restaurants.  It offers an $8 lunch special with choice of an appetizer and entree.

I met Mr. G there after a failed attempt at bike riding.  We both started with the curry puff.

It was pretty good.  Standard fare though a little greasy and def not as plump as the ones from Land.

Mr. G ordered Chicken Ginger.

It didn't look particularly appetizing but apparently tasted good.  The chicken was coated in ginger, but there were only 6 pieces in the dish.

I asked for Pad Kee Mao.

Looks like drunken noodle to me! Flat rice noodle, chicken, thai basil, bird's eye chili and bok choi.  It tasted pretty good but they definitely held back on the chicken.  It was spicy and bold, but not necessarily better than other Thai places.

The best part of Thai Market is the outdoor seating on Amsterdam. It's a colorful neighborhood and you get to observe the people and traffic while enjoying your $8 meal.

Hungry yet?

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